Accepted Nuts and Bolts Discussions

On this page each of the links take you to the abstract for the paper.


Accepted Posters

On this page each of the links take you to the abstract for the paper.



Amy Dawson

A First for First Years...Curtin University's First Orientation Week




Clare Glanville

Finding information - introducing first year students to library research skills



Dianne Hagan

Helping Students through the Administrative Maze



Wayne Hodgson

Introduction to Medical Studies (IMS): a transition program for sponsored Malaysian international medical students



Nelly Ivanova

Meeting needs for student convenience - higher education @ EdNA Online



Kanchana Jayasuriya

'School to University' Transition Program for Engineering Students



Brenda Marina

Multicultural Competence of First Year Experience Instructors: Enhancing the Transition to Higher Education




Douglas Morgan

Inhibiting and Enabling Factors Affecting Indigenous Students Decisions to Continue or Withdraw from Tertiary Studies



Tim O’Donovan

The Small Business Experience: 'Real Life' Learning from an Interdisciplinary Perspective



Kerry O'Regan

Academic Issues for First Year Students in the Growing Cultural and Educational Diversity of Universities: A Staff and Student Development Agenda



Clare Power

An Individual Approach



Sheryl Ramsay

Utilising an organisational learning approach to improve the retention of first year students



Clare Rhoden

Implementing & Evaluating First Year Transition Initiatives



José Tavares

Behavioural, cognitive and motivational study aspects of higher education students:
construction and validation of an inventory



























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