Accepted papers


On this page all papers are grouped and presented in themes. Each theme appears below. Within each theme each of the links take you to the abstract for the paper.

Papers have also been grouped and presented in eight parallel sessions


Theme A - Strategies and Innovations in Teaching and Learning

  Patricia Cartwright & Lynne Noone

Tertiary Undergraduate Literacy Integration Program (TULIP): An innovative appraoch to tertiary teaching and learning

  Stella Granville & Laura Dison

Thinking about thinking: integrating self reflection into an academic literacy course

  Kerry Howells

The First Year Experience:  Starting with the Student 


  Ursula McGowan

Plagiarism detection and prevention. Pedagogical implications for lecturers of first year students


  Rowan Hollingworth & C. McLoughlin

Even foundation level students can get the HOTS for science! 

  Douglas Morgan

Assessing First Year Students: A Case for Mixed Mode Assessment


  Shelley Yeo, Robert Loss & Marjan Zadnik

Reflections on teaching science students the skills of self-reflection and self-directed learning



Theme B - Student Populations and Diversity

  Sharon Broughton & Joanne Merley

Enhancing Aspirations through Access and Equity Programs: Griffith University

  Robyn Muldoon & Julie Godwin

The Faculty Mentor Program in the Sciences: an innovative approach to supporting student learning

  Ruth Gorinski & Gloria Abernethy

Maori Student Retention and Success: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Relationships


  Stuart Levy, Monique Osborn & Margaret Plunkett

An investigation of international students' academic and social transition requirements

  Judy Skene

Improving Student Diversity Through Transition Support at the University of Western Australia


  Theda Thomas

Working with diverse students:  Can lessons learnt in South Africa be applicable in Pan-

Pacific region?

  Louise Horstmanshof & Craig Zimitat

The impact of extracurricular roles impact on retention: a social exchange theory perspective




Theme C - Support Systems and Programs

  Janice Catterall, Betty Gill, Ros Martins and Edda Simeoni

Look before we leap: investigation before implementation when addressing student drop out

  Julie Trafford

Successful partnership in learning support for first-years: How a faculty-funded Learning Centre support programme enhances the transition and performance of first-year business students


Theme D - Transition and Adjustment

  Helen Cameron and Frank Tesoriero

First Year at Uni

  Jenny Simpson, Jeanne McConachie, Phyllida Coombes, Geoff Danaher,
R. E. Harreveld and P.
A. Danaher

Contesting ‘Transitions’ and (Re-)Engaging with ‘Subjectivities’: Locating and Celebrating the Habitus in Three Versions of ‘the First Year Experience’ at Central Queensland University

  Cath Fraser & Lin Ayo

Recognising excellence when we see it:
Early steps in the development of an institutional award

  Sally Kift

First Year Renewal to Engage Learners in Law

  Stuart Levy and Julie Murray
The transition of at risk students:
strategies for success

  Paul Parker

In your ‘own’ words: Learning advisers on student difficulties with avoiding plagiarism during the transition to university

  Sue Purnell

A map, a bicycle and good weather: The transition to undergraduate study


  Glenice Watson & Greer Johnson

Filling the gaps: Students perceptions of university affordances


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