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Theme: Nuts and Bolts Session

Developing online academic skills online

Helen Pendreigh
Faculty Mentor, Study Skills
University of New England

This session deals with the process used to construct a web site on academic study skills from developed materials freely available on the World Wide Web. The site endeavours to be inclusive of students’ needs by covering a selection of core topics from which students may choose to meet their specific academic skills requirements. It also caters for the preferred learning styles of students by incorporating a range of web presentation modes – some sites offer students the opportunity to participate in comprehensive interactive workshops while others deliver information on the selected topic. Within the site, each link to an outside program is supported by commentary and key words that link to an index system. For first year internal and external students, the site construction provides immediate access to a set of culled learning materials without taxing students’ technical and research competencies in their endeavours to meet their learning needs.

Full Paper in MS Word

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