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Bridging Courses and Support Systems for First-Year Nursing Students

Dr Cindy Leigh, Head of School, School of Nursing
Ms Olivia Unite, Lecturer, School of Nursing
Australian Catholic University

The School of Nursing (NSW) at the Australian Catholic Universityin North Sydney has a high proportion of International, Migrant and Non-HSC Students entering the first year of the Bachelor of Nursing Program. In addition to cultural diversity, these students vary widely in terms of three key areas: prior Health Science knowledge and qualifications, English language skills and the generic transferable skills required for tertiary studies in the Health Sciences in Australia. Our University enjoys a reputation for successfully designing, implementing and evaluating innovative bridging and support programs required for these students, enabling them to successfully complete their nursing studies.
The programs include: an application assessment of each of the three areas, five specialty programs for different student profiles, a bridging program prior to the start of the semester and a support program for generic transferable skills. All these programs are closely integrated with the first year nursing curriculum.

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