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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Making the Transition to Transition - Developing and Evaluating the Macquarie Transition Program

Judith Dickson, Dean of Students
Kerri- Lee Krause, School of Education
Sandie Rudman, Transition Program
Macquarie University

This session is designed to be interactive, with a focus on the practical aspects of developing, coordinating and evaluating the university-wide Macquarie Transition Program. The session focuses on the practical "how-to's" of seeking support from university administration and staff, designing and delivering programs that meet the unique needs of our students, and evaluating initiatives with a view to doing it better next time. After brief discussion of how the Macquarie Transition Program evolved, we will present a range of hands-on strategies that we have used to establish and evaluate the Program, and share some lessons we have learned.

Full Paper in MS Word

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