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Theme: Round Table Discussion

University Peer Mentoring... more than just a friendly face (in the sea of academia)?

Janet Depiazzi & Tim Perkins
School of Natural Sciences
Edith Cowan University

The School of Natural Sciences at Edith Cowan University initiated a Peer Mentoring Program in 2001 for its first year students. The program was based on mentoring schemes from the University and specifically the School of Psychology. Forty six students volunteered to become mentors from second and third year with 25% of the first year cohort self selecting to join the program. Training was provided to all mentor applicants covering communication, interpersonal and coping skills. Mentors were allocated up to two mentees based on age, gender and general interests. The program was modified in 2002 and became mandatory for all first year students. The aim for this roundtable discussion is to facilitate discussion and the exchange of ideas from people involved in tertiary peer mentoring programs.

Full Paper in MS Word

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