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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Strategies for promoting learning communities: Some 'nuts and bolts' solutions

Alan Calder
Learning Adviser
Academic Support Division
James Cook University

The promotion of learning communities to improve academic outcomes and ease transition at university is not a new or untested strategy. However, the design, promotion and management of learning communities and the whole undergraduate experience is still a challenge for many institutions. This 'Nuts and Bolts' session features videotaped snapshots of students commenting on the initiatives to promote learning communities undertaken by JCU’s Learning Centre. These initiatives include peer support and ongoing orientation strategies, collaborative transition programs and study groups jointly promoted by Lecturers and Learning Advisers. Videotaped discussions with groups and individual students are included in this session to allow members of JCU learning communities to voice their observations and experiences. Participants are encouraged to draw their own inferences and conclusions and report on other strategies for promoting learning communities.

Full Paper in MS Word

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