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Theme: Program Management and Coordination

The O Week Experience: Integrating Student Associations into the Orientation Week Program to Represent and Advance the Interests of Students

Matthew Cairns
Director of Public Relations
University of Queensland Gatton Campus Student Association

Orientation Week is a critical period for introducing a new generation of students into University life. In a broad sense, the goal of Orientation week is to encourage students to embrace the University culture and to prepare for the associated obligations.
Although working towards common goals, Student Associations occasionally run Orientation Week programs which are not in harmony with the official academic program, despite having parallel objectives. This absence of integrated planning can be detrimental to the relationship between the Association and the broader academic community, as conflicts can surface when the timing and appropriateness of certain activities comes under question.
This Roundtable session has been organised to encourage co-operation between parties in order to develop Orientation Week programs which satisfy all sectors of the University.

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