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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Flexible Learning - What students think

Terrie Ferman and Trish Andrews
Learning Resources Development Unit
The Teaching and Educational Development Institute
The University of Queensland

In 1999, The University of Queensland opened a high-tech flexible learning campus at Ipswich. This campus incorporates established ways of learning with newer technologies, very prominently the World Wide Web. The key element of face-to-face contact has been retained but in small group settings. This paper describes the learning experiences of first year students at this new campus and their preferences for the various innovative and established learning resources used. Preliminary results suggest that students' preferences for one kind of resource over another does not appear to be linked to whether a resource is 'traditional' or newest technology. Data was gathered by questionnaire and by limited focus group data from some of the programs. Despite the limitations of the focus group data, the commentary is informative and suggestive of interesting strands for further research. The research is on-going.

Full Paper in MS Word

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