Project Proposal

The Australian Learning and Teaching Council project proposal entitled “A Collaborative Multi-faceted Approach to Address the Gaps Between Student Expectation and Experience at University” provides a thorough rationale to the project including outcomes and deliverables.

Final Report

“Student and Staff Experiences and Expectations”  a Final Report for the project “A collaborative multi-faceted approach to address the gaps between student expectation and experience at university”.

Published Papers

Luzeckyj. A, King. S, Scutter. S, and Brinkworth, R.’The significance of being first: A consideration of cultural capital in relation to “first in family” student’s choices of university and program. A Practice Report’ International Journal of First Year in Higher Education. 2011.

Luzeckyj, A., Burke Da Silva, K., Scutter, S., Palmer, E. and Brinkworth, R.  ‘Don’t ask me what I think of you I might not give the answer that you want me to’: An exploration of 1st year university students’ expectations and experiences from the students’ and the teachers’ perspectives. In Jason Thomas, ed. First Year in Higher Education: Aspiration – Access – Achievement. Brisbane, QLD: QUT Publications. 13th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference 2010. Adelaide, Australia. Jun 2010.

Scutter. S, Palmer. E, Luzeckyj. A, Burke Da Silva. K, and Brinkworth. R. ‘What do commencing undergraduate students expect from first year university’ International Journal of First Year in Higher Education. 2010

Brinkworth. R, McCann. B, Matthews. C, and Nordstrom. K. ‘First year expectations and experiences: student and teacher perspectives’ The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning. 2008


McCann B, Brinkworth R.  Mind the gap: Student and Staff Expectations and Experiences‘ 2010

Conference Presentations 2012

Conference Presentations 2011

Conference Presentations 2010

During 2010, papers were given and presentations made at these conferences:

 Project Blog

The project team has developed a blog (called uniexpectations) as a way of engaging a wider audience on the issues of transition to university. A number of guest bloggers will be contributing to the blog and sharing their experiences.

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