As a virtual centre, FYHE aims to disseminate information and good practice exemplars around the first year experience in higher education. This area provides recognition of, and access to, institutional resources dedicated to first year.

To share your resources (tools, guidelines, handbooks, websites) please contact Professor Karen Nelson.


The University of Auckland

Targeting Learning Sessions

The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Arts provides Targeted Learning Sessions as part of their First Year Experience Program. First year students are offered help with specific assessment at key periods. Hosted in the library, the sessions provide an opportunity for students to meet with librarians, learning staff, tutors and FYE mentors. The short video is by University of Auckland postgraduate film student Adam King and provides an overview of this popular activity.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Transition Pedagogy Handbook: A Good Practice Guide (PDF 1.30MB)

The Handbook (2nd Edition*) is intended to be a practical companion for practitioners working with first year students and for academic and professional managers responsible for ensuring the success and retention of commencing students. Development of the resources and checklists contained in the Handbook has been informed by current first year research, QUT policies, protocols and the significant feedback from, and foundational work undertaken by QUT’s first year course and unit coordinators. As well as presenting examples of good practice, the handbook provides a brief overview of QUT’s First Year Experience Program, a summary of QUT’s First Year Experience Policy and the transition pedagogy that frames both curricular and co-curricular activities.  *The 2nd Edition replaced the 2010 edition in September 2014.

University of Newcastle

My Journey – A first year student’s guide to university study

This online resource for students came about as part of collaboration between School of Education academics and University Counselling Services at The University of Newcastle. This resources provides a framework for “engaging students to reflect on their personal, social and academic journeys as they prepare, belong, learn and succeed during first semester” (Kirby, Dluzewska & Scevak, 2010).

This collaborative work was presented as a Nuts & Bolts paper at the 2010 Pacific Rim FYHE Conference in Adelaide – Full Nuts & Bolts paper:

Kirby, D., & Dluzewska, T. & Scevak, J. (2010). An online resource to support first year students’ psychosocial and academic transition. In J. Thomas (Ed.), Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference: ‘Aspiration – Access – Achievement’. Brisbane, Australia: QUT Publications. Retrieved  from

The University of Melbourne

Transition in the First Year Curriculum: Supporting transition to university life and study (PDF 1.39MB)

The University of Melbourne’s Transition and Orientation Programs has developed a resource kit for first year academic and professional staff to support transition. Good practice examples are presented to assist first year teaching staff and include activities for use in lectures and tutorials, online resources, assessment and staff professional development.

It you would like to obtain hardcopies, these are available for purchase by contacting Ronald Baird or Kathryn Boin, University of Melbourne.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Teamwork Protocol (PDF 333KB)

The 2005 ‘Enhancing Transition at QUT’ Teaching and Learning Large Grant Development Project identified the requirement for a teamwork protocol to assist teachers in regards to all aspects of student teamwork and teamwork assessment—embedding the rationale and training for teamwork, design of teamwork assessment, monitoring student involvement and, if necessary, supporting students in the event of team dysfunction.

This protocol addresses teamwork elements and principles and provides recommendations and strategies for delivering these authentic learning and assessment environments to first year students.