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Emerging Trends and Future Directions of Enabling Education

In December 2017, the 6th Biennial National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia (NAEEA) Conference was hosted by Southern Cross University at the Gold Coast, Australia. The Biennial NAEEA Conference brings together educators and practitioners to collaborate on issues of relevance to enabling pathway programs leading to undergraduate university education

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The 2017 STARS Conference was held at the Stamford Grand in the beautiful beachside location of Glenelg, Adelaide, Australia July 2- 5.  Conference proceedings can be found at

This conference provides the opportunity to disseminate and discuss current research, good practice, emerging initiatives and leading edge ideas that are aimed at enhancing students’ tertiary learning experiences.

Renewing first year curriculum

Renewing first year curriculum for social sciences and humanities in the context of discipline threshold standards

Good practice guidelines for the sector more

The First Year Experience in Australian Universities: Findings from Two Decades, 1994-2014

The Melbourne CSHE released a report (March 2015) on the first year experience of students in Australian universities over two decades, from 1994 to 2014. The report found that,

 … among others, first year students in 2014 were generally more positive in their outlook and better prepared for the transition to university than students in previous studies. However, they were less socially engaged in the university community and preferred to keep to themselves.

Baik, C., Naylor, R., & Arkoudis, S.  (2015).  The First Year Experience in Australian Universities: Findings from Two Decades, 1994-2014.  Melbourne CSHE

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