• New issue – Student Success

    The latest issue of Student Success can now be viewed at https://studentsuccessjournal.org/issue/view/15

    This issue is dedicated to the 2016 STARS Conference held in Perth, Australia June 29-July 2 and as is customary, publishes the top research papers selected via a peer review process and the top Emerging Initiatives selected by the Conference Committee.  As well, a Good Practice Report was selected for this issue.  The Invited Feature in this issue republishes an article from Professor Sally Kift, President of the Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows (and one of the Editors of Student Success). The statement draws on and is representative of the national reaction to the closure of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), highlighting the substantial role it has played in developing and disseminating innovation and good practice in tertiary teaching and learning

    Journal website:  https://studentsuccessjournal.org/index


  • Renewing first year curriculum

    Renewing first year curriculum for social sciences and humanities in the context of discipline threshold standards

    Good practice guidelines for the sector more

  • Journal re-launched to align with STARS Conference

    The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education has been renamed Student Success  – more

  • The First Year Experience in Australian Universities: Findings from Two Decades, 1994-2014

    The Melbourne CSHE released a report (March 2015) on the first year experience of students in Australian universities over two decades, from 1994 to 2014. The report found that,

     … among others, first year students in 2014 were generally more positive in their outlook and better prepared for the transition to university than students in previous studies. However, they were less socially engaged in the university community and preferred to keep to themselves.

    Baik, C., Naylor, R., & Arkoudis, S.  (2015).  The First Year Experience in Australian Universities: Findings from Two Decades, 1994-2014.  Melbourne CSHE

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