• Support for the first year student experience

    Dear All FYHE Supporters

    Late last week, The Conversation published a timely piece on the importance of first year at university.

    I think it would be very good for us to be able to demonstrate to The Conversation and its many followers that there is a great deal of interest in and support for the first year student experience from within the university sector.

    I know everyone is very busy right now, but if you could take a moment to click on to the article, skim it and even post a brief comment in response, I am hopeful that more pieces like this might be accepted and/or invited. We need others, and particularly the general public, to take the FYE as seriously as we do. The piece has already had almost 3900 readers and thank you to those who have already commented.

    Professor Sally Kift

    FYHE Fellow
    Deputy Vice-Chancelor (Academic)
    James Cook University

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    Welcome to the First Year in Higher Education (FYHE) virtual centre for researchers and practitioners.

    This site brings together the International First Year in Higher Education Conference and TheInternational Journal of the First Year in Higher Education and a suite of FYHE resources. It provides access to an extensive collection of materials under the Transitions Pedagogy banner and access to other research projects and deliverables, reusable resources and communities of practice all of which are focused on enhancing the experiences of students during their first year in higher education.

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